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Mueller thinks US could compete for 2026 World Cup as young talent shines

The US men’s soccer team ended a pandemic-shortened year with a blowout that raised confidence heading into a busy 2021, which will include eight World Cup qualifiers jammed into an

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Five-minute EEG recordings: A key to the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

What causes the characteristic slowing of movement in patients with Parkinson’s disease? Electrical oscillations of nerve cells deep inside the brain and the cortex are pathologically coupled with each other.

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Are gift cards wise or wasteful?

Allen, a father-of-three from Salford, saved all year to buy gift cards for his daughters. “They love nothing more than going out to the Boxing Day sales with their vouchers,”

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Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah announce departure from BioWare

“They will always be an essential part of the studio’s history”, says EA. BioWare general manager Casey Hudson and Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah have announced their departure from

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Cabbie drives off with Christmas presents worth £300 in row over £4.50 fare

A cabbie drove off with £300 worth of Christmas presents following an argument over a fare. Dad-of-two Dominic Brindle called for a taxi to his partner’s home in Staffordshire. The

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